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About Velcom

Based in Brampton, Ontario, we have been actively offering internet services since 2001. Since then, we have firmly established ourselves in the market as one of the leading, most reliable high-speed internet providers. Today we offer DSL and Cable Internet across both business and residential sectors, as well as Phone Services. We currently cover most of Ontario and Quebec, and continue to expand both our services and their range.

Being in the highly competitive ISP market for over 15 years, we have proven time and again our reliability and our ability to meet the rising demands of Canadians for Speed. This has made us one of the leaders in the telecommunications market and we are committed to offering affordable, fast internet.

Velcom prides itself in being able to provide services at a fair price. We believe that the benefits of technological innovation should be be available to everyone, and not just the privilege of those with a high income. Our Internet package prices range from as low as $25.95, making Velcom one of the most affordable providers in Canada. We offer a wide selection of packages allowing you to choose the speeds that you need, rather than those which only serve to unnecessarily increase your budget. At Velcom we always place your needs first.

Our vision is to lead the market with reliable, stable and affordable internet service across multiple providers. We have steadily grown over the years and we now utilize the infrastructure of Canada’s largest providers such as Bell, Rogers, Cogeco and Videotron, to provide you with the best possible experience. At the same time we have ensured that our growth does not hamper our quality of service, and we are proud to have employees who are who place excellence as their work ethic, and are always ready to answer the most difficult questions honestly and professionally.

However, above all else it is our large client base of loyal customers that proves that we have been heading in the right direction. We are always grateful to those who have been with us for years, and most of all we value when a long-time client speaks highly of our service to someone else. For this reason we have a generous referral program in place, which awards any client who recommends our service. Canadians deserve the best internet service possible and we are here to provide it!

Welcome to Velcom!